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Mystic Ukulele by The Spooky Blue Translucent Moons

A Historical Documentary of Words.
In January 2015 Ryan Bousquet started writing songs for what would become Mystic Ukulele.
He had owned a Ukulele for quite some time and had written a few songs like the ghost and the sun on the
Ukulele but never set out to record them. The Ukulele used on the album was bought in 2010 in Virginia
when Ryan was in the navy. At the time Ryan didn’t really have a lot of time to write songs let alone record.
Album Cover Art By: Ryan Bousquet
At the time The songs the ghost & the sun were both written in a hotel Ryan would frequent in
Portsmouth Virginia in 2010 and both were in a live video performance on YouTube. The mystic Ukulele
album spans 4 years in the making... after Ryan’s 2013 release of temples and pyramids by
Eshniner Forest. The whole idea of mystic Ukulele started because Ryan had the ukulele but never wrote
much with it. He had always liked the idea of making an entire ukulele album of songs.
There was one song written and recorded using…

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