Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter 2013

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Minecraft Pocket.

Some shots of junk I've built in Minecraft Pocket.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Watch Dr. Who

Song Title: Watch Dr. Who
By: Eshniner Forest
Length: 03:17
Instruments Used: Guitar, Bass, Electric Guitar, Organ, Electric Piano, Drums, Vocals Multi-Tracked, Bugs Bunny Jack in the Box.

Today I recorded a song I've been messing around with for the last few days. It has a catchy tune riff, for the verse & the chorus is quite pretty. The lyrics are off the top of nothing. I'm not really into putting much meaning into lyrics any more, its all just works it self into the attack of the notes. Even in the songs I love the most I hardly remember the lyrics, but will remember the overall melody.

The melody is what I've always focused on, much like the bands I adore the most, its just apart of the process.

As for the lyrics I do say watch Dr. Who. Dr. Who is a show I really like... but other then that Dr. Who is the only real lyrical importance. Other then that all the other lyrics are just to fill the void...

At the end of the recording can be heard a bugs bunny jack in the box toy melody on the fade out.

I'm going to document my musical activities here. Its a good thing because most no one will read it.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


I made this in a few seconds in photoshop. I drew the doodle first then... the rest was easy.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I play Minecraft...

I build things in Minecraft & I know the things I build are a bit minimal, but I rather enjoy the process.

Dream #3 of 2013.

I just now remember this & yes its a boring dream but I am logging all my dreams this year so here it is...

I have a friend that lives & works in japan. So this dream takes place in japan.

I was with someone not sure who other then he was a male. We were somehow in japan visiting my friend.  We knock on an apartment door & my friends wife opens the door & invites us in. As soon as we step inside our friend is playing with his son while he sits on a couch...

This is where the dream stops & I wake up. It was so boring of a dream that I woke up & literally thought "why?!? what kind of crap is that?"

Why did I have this dream? I can't say... maybe my actual life is so exciting I need to be reminded life isn't the awesome full throttle roller coaster that I live on a daily basis.

The image below is of a boring empty hospital waiting room... & just as boring as this dream. :-P

The Grey Alien Race.

Ok these so called Grey aliens are for the most part, the most popular image of so called aliens. In 1961 a couple named Betty & Barney Hill were the first to come across these guys. I've paid mild attention to UFOs & Alien pop culture most of my life & for the most part, most of the stories since the 80's that I've heard are about the Grey's.

However I can not debunk the Grey's because I really don't know enough to really care but I find one thing just silly.

1: The Grey's are always seen naked. Why? Have they out smarted the cold or are they cold blooded? I would think even a lizard if it were intelligent enough would love to wear a sweater.

So just from the idea that they don't wear cloths postulates several questions...

1: So if they don't need or like cloths? What does that say about them?

2: Are they extremely logical thinkers & they don't have  cloths to cut down on waist?

3: Do they not wear cloth during an abduction to not show off any individuality?

4: Are they a race that has shunned the idea of individuality & are somewhat like the borg collective?

5: Do they just turn on the UFO air conditioner to keep warm?

I really don't know the answer, but really this image of naked grey skinned humanoid beings seems very silly.

I personally can draw up some a lot cooler, smarter, more believable looking aliens if I cared to try.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Search for Cash.

The un-hunted hunts the money. That's me these days just waiting for phone calls from a liable place of employment. I've gotten use to sitting around all day & not feeling guilty about it. Normally i'd be impatient & working on any creative outlet, just to keep busy. Maybe its my age catching up on me, but I know this is not the case.

First things first... get a job.

This week I have 2 interviews set up. Both are with printing companies.

Wish me luck.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Dream # 2. 2013

I had been sleeping for a little over 2 hours & I was dreaming a kind of nightmare sequence of events. I'm sorry but the details of the dream are very thin. The main thing I remember was family members. I woke up feeling fear, the primal kind of fear so the events must have been quite scary. As soon as I woke, I went back to sleep & no dreams followed afterward.

My opinion of this dream: I spend a lot of time with my family. They are the major people I think about, so its no wonder I would dream about them. As for the spooky factors, most of my dreams end with horrifying terror.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

UFO Technology.

I often wonder about life on other planets well beyond our local group of stars & that's just it for me... the wondering & not knowing is what I love most & is what I find to be the most exciting. It is also what lies in the imaginative process & all that could be out there. The unknown is tantalizing like that...

So since I like this idea I find myself watching the show Ancient Aliens & yes it all is possible that early humans were influenced / directed by aliens, but I really don’t care… I understand the theories, but sorry to say... I find it all boring.

I want to know about UFO technology. What’s the propulsion system? How do they travel trough space from so so far away?

This is the cool stuff! I ultimately hope we figure out how to leave this planet.

Let’s get out of here!!!

Evolutionary of Humanity.

It so odd to think I evolved from ape. I’m so far from acting like a primate but at the same time you can see the physical similarities. Its a bit spooky.

Dream # 1 of 2013

I was at a family party standing in the corner sipping some non alcoholic wine. I was just sipping & looking at the people, then my grandfather comes in & tells me quietly... "someone has just used my wifi network to download porn." I tell my grandfather, that's horrible & then he tells in a mildly disturbed manner... "this party is done!" My grandfather then walks to the center of the room & as soon as he said "excuse me" I woke up.

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Return of... Spooky Blue Translucent Goons.

I spent quite some time today moving all my recordings from my computer that I used prior to the year 2009. I found a few things that I hardly remember recording, but for the most part most everything will be looked through & given a listen. There is an entire album that I never made time to release.

The album is called Spooky Blue Translucent Goons. The recordings range from 2005 - 2009. Yes this is a wide range of time, but I was never satisfied with most of the recordings. Not that they are bad, but more so I wanted them to have a lot better production quality, a quality that I would never be able to achieve during those years. This is mainly due too I was still learning about recording & the recording process, but now that all this time has passed its time to let the recordings out of the electronic vault.

It will take me a while to sort through it all & find the key components, but when its done it should be interesting. I personally have not listened to many of the recordings since the day I recorded many of them.

Here are a few songs from memory that I know will be on it...

1: Bubble Umbrella Octopus
2: Tomorrow
3: Break of Dawn
4: A robots box
5: Northern Land
6: Poof Sections 1, 2 & 3.
7: I'll Hide
8: Blue Candle

Alright That's all for now. :-)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

UFO's & Dreams.

At night I've been getting more dreams then usual & my usual is usually no dreams at all but, when you don't have to be no where, you tend to sleep in more & get more REM sleep... well I don't know about others, but as for myself this is true.

Most all of my dreams end with me fighting or running away from aliens. All of them start off normal much like my life, but after a little while the tiny bits of darkness start creeping out, such as... a creepy person asking a demented question or out of a dark corner I'll see a set of red eyes. In the end I hardly ever remember my dreams & at the same time what I do remember is that they always end horridly... like I end up dead or come close solving the issue or finding where or whatever the beast is... & I always wake up before it gets really bad.

I have an album of dream dialogs posted on my bandcamp page titled. Eshniner's Dreams. Its of any dream I actually remember from my childhood to adulthood.

I recently found a folder with a few dreams in them from 2004. I plan on making audio recordings of them & posting them to the Eshniner Dream album. It may take me a few months to get around to it though.

The Future Mystery

Its been a while... I've not posted anything to this blog in a while & I think its about time I start again. You have be diverse these days & well this is just one other site I have at hand. I want to use this page to post more personal text sort of thoughts, ideas & opinions. Who knows why really... its just something to do.

I am looking for another job. I hate looking for a job, its just not my thing / nobodies thing really. Its just depressing to think about & its in my face constantly & most companies are barely hiring. I apply for about 15 - 20 jobs most days with little reply from any of them. I've had 3 interviews & have not gotten 1 call back. Its just sad.

Living with my parents again is not my ideal life neither. I've been on my own for the last 14 years to come back & live with my parents is just silly.

Thankfully I am very well loved & liked & I am very thankful to them, but a man like me needs his man cave!