Monday, March 31, 2014

Trouble not for me.

What's the deal with humans? Some of them I just don't understand nor do I want to understand, but when these "off the beaten track humans" start to engage me in some conversation that makes me want run for my life... then I start to think.... go away. Being kind hearted can only last so long & when events start to repeat & form some sort of disruption of my happy go lucky self... then its time to stop this bull crap.

I like dogs... they don't talk.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Time Traveling Proof!

Where are the time travelers? Recently in the news people have come up with the genius idea to look for key historical events on the internet that mention these key events prior to the event happening in the hope to prove time travelers are real. There are sites that would never come up on search engines. On google the only way searches work is if the site has been posted on another site via a link. So even if there is internet proof it is most likely in a place that is unsearchable, but hopefully time travelers are lazy & would post information on a public forum such as facebook. 

Sid & Marty Kroft.

I must say I really enjoy the Kroft brothers tv shows. Lydsville is my favorite followed by Land of the Lost. Some of the writers for the original Star Trek wrote for land of the lost. I also wish Far out Space Nuts was out on DVD.