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Merry Christmas 2014!

I hope everyone is having an excellent Christmas! Merry Christmas! 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

SOHO / Solar Heliospheric Observatory.

This visual is from the SOHO / Solar Heliospheric Observatory that orbits around the sun. You can see all kind of stuff flying around in these images as well as the sun's discharges from the link above.  On this SOHO sight you can create a gif and even save it to your computer if you care to. To get the view above, Select - LASCO C3 and enter a start date and end date and press search and then wait a bit watch the Sun! As I said you can see a lot more then just the sun, you can see planets. Planets reflect vertical lines off them & move slowly. I would guess maybe the other stuff you see from the SOHO could the defined as space junk. It is hard to really know... but it is interesting.

Eshniner F. 

Gimme Some Truth, The Making Of John Lennon's Imagine.

I watched this last night and found the whole thing rather interesting. To see anything that shows the creative process of John Lennon is interesting. I would have rather watched a literal making of Johns first solo album, but I don't think that is out there. It seems to me like Phil Spectors presents is almost useless. At one point Phil is messing around and trying to add echo to one of the songs and it is hard to tell what he says, but you can tell the "wall of sound" thing isn't working out. Also there is one point where Phil and John are going to add harmonies to "Oh Yoko" and Phil is holding back from singing, when they are trying to sing. I am not sure if Phil is actually on the album singing, but at the same time they where having trouble with finding the correct point in the song to do the harmonies due to the engineer not being able to find the point John wanted to sing harmonies on. Additionally at one point John says to Phil after recording a song "You really are great Phil... one of the Greats" in a very sarcastic manner and Yoko is just sitting beside John laughing and you hear a few other laughs, but it is not the kind of good buddy laugh. It is a making fun of kind of laugh, so I don't think Phil was very useful. He also seemed withdrawn from everyone and when he did speak it was very soft spoken and had the most minimal input. Maybe he was shy around the camera, it is hard to tell what really happened because you can only see so much, but these are my impressions from the film. You should watch it and tell me what you think!

Eshniner F.

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Pluto Orbiting a Dark Object.


This is all speculative but I think there is some interesting information in this video about Pluto. One of the images taken shows some dark spots as well as the orbital paths of pluto as well as its moons are very interesting. Thanks BPEARTHWATCH for posting this. 

The Muffin Junkee Happy Trippy Christmas Podcast Part Two!


Here is a little Christmas Treat for Everyone! The Muffin Junkee has created 2 amazing Christmas Podcast Specials this year! Here is Episode OneEpisode Two. Both episodes feature a lot of original christmas music as well as some select other songs by some of the most current psychedelic rock & garage rock bands from around the world! The Muffin Junkee also has humorous skits placed thought-out the show to keep you entertained!

Episode Two of The Muffin Junkee Happy Trippy Christmas Podcast, Features Music By The Striped Bananas as well as Eshniner Forest! The Muffin Junkee also has Podcasts though out the year featuring singer song writers thought out the year & you can check The Muffin Junkee out at the links provided in this post. Also you can look forward to The Striped Bananas as well as Eshniner Forest being featured in full episodes of Muffin Junkee Podcast in 2015!

I hope everyone out there is having a wonderful holiday!

Merry Christmas!

Ryan of Eshniner

Friday, December 19, 2014

Earth Facing X Flare & CME


Should know more by the morning. 

Super Barbarian Time Travel 2 ( Purchasing Opportunities )

Here is a list of all the site as well as links to sites where you can buy and download the album Super Barbarian Time Travel 2. Additionally, Someone by the name is Raging Bull 7 wrote a little review of the album... it is a very passionate review.


Incredible...!! FIVE STARS
by Raging Bull 7
This is perhaps one of the most inspiring works of music I have ever heard in my entire life!! Track #6, Donkey & Plow, is perhaps the greatest track on the album. I empathize particularly with the lyrics of this song; "I feel like a donkey pulling a wagon..." Track #10, Buffalo Run, is also brilliantly done. I'd never heard of Eishniner Forest before but now its become one of my favorite bands ...after the Beatles of course. I do hope i-Tunes gets hold of any future albums by Eishniner Forest!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dragoon Babi & One Night at a Time.

Here are two songs I have recently recorded for two different albums.

Dragoon Babi is a Rock Jam sort of thing... I plan for it to be the final track of the Dragoon Babi Kluster Album. It will be a short album of about 5 songs.

One Night at a Time is a little pop rock single that I wrote and recorded in about 8 hours of time. This song will be on the 10th Eshniner Forest album. The next Eshniner album will be about 10 or 12 songs long. I don't want it to be as long as Temples and Pyramids, because I want to make an album that is worth 10 to 12 dollars.

I ultimately would like to be paid for my music... but for now most all my music is free on my Eshniner Forest Bandcamp Page.

Ryan of Eshniner

NASA Voyager: 'Tsunami Wave' Still Flies Through Interstellar Space

Voyager 1 went into Interstellar Space earlier this year & Nasa JPL just posted this video of the sounds it recorded. Quite amazing if you ask me.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Best YouTube Comments on Eshniner Forest Videos!

The YouTube Comments below dating from 2007 - 2014. The comments are in their original format with the users name adjacent to the comments. Please Enjoy & Thank You! 

Now this is what I call a youtube video! Killer, very original song, and a very interesting and timeless (in certain ways!) video! I'm subscribing, and look forward to more! - De Selby Studios

What a fabulous glad I found this! Love your vocal style, and the "sound" and lyrics of this song. Fun ending too! - De Selby Studios

totally reminds me of beatles - but like it better - Aviva Sings Out

Just love it man ! Keep rocking ;) - Number9

sounds like talking heads and syd barrett had a jam together. great cover! - InstantKarmaAndroid

Whoever the hell this is should have acid poured down their throats as soon as possible ! - 88cutty

cool! Love what you did with the song, it sounds so eerie and cool. Awesome job! - Maria Jacobsbaumhauser

I like the song. Sounds like Beatles mashed together with 1969 Floyd. The opera singer at the end sounds straight from a Morrissey show. - kincaide67

 Based on what I've read I don't think this cover is as far off as you think. The closest you will get is listening to "Return of the Son of Monster Magnet" by Frank Zappa and imagining a darker, slower variant of it. - UK31337

This is complete genius I swear that was seve "barcelona!" on the slow motion TV--could have used a baby armadillo climbing on your neck and a random 400 pound naked guy denying the holocaust behind you but this is the abridged version anyway.... - buckypyro

This is definitely the closest to the original based on what I've read. Great job! - UK31337

Pretty good. Even though it's not as complex as some other attempts, this is probably closer to the original in the sense that it doesn't have a techno/dance music sound to it. More just meandering sound loops and gibberish vocals. Btw, I really like the sort of creepy vocal noises. - Andrew L

 agreed. this is certainly the best interpretation i've ever come across - not that i've heard the song myself, but it seems to tick more boxes than any other spot on mate - GLRUK

Just my take on it: virtually all the other "Carnival of Light"s out there sound like scattered chaotic noises...this has a more precise, dark, creepy kind of ominousness about perfectly catures the mystery regarding this track, nobody's ever heard it, but almost every Beatles fan's heard OF it, and all the while, the tapes are still locked away at Abbey Road Studios...just something about that gives me the chills a little... Amazing cover! - NeedleTVLTD

i think this is the funniest thing i've ever seen. - DianaPrince403

hahaha totally weird and totally fun <3 -="" a="" href="">Paperlilies

holy hell. this is brilliant, to say the least. i love the voices, especially the cheeping chick. *favorit'd - ragainstmach03

this is beautiful; you are beautiful. - babyporridge

man this is a beautiful song! i love it! seriously! man do you have an album? - Lee-Lonn W.

okay... first of all i really love this. second... are you putting an effect on the tracks and playing it live? you're not lip sincing to a pre-recorded track are you? just a lil confused by the process. but GREAT results :) ***** - greyharp1

oh and your love for the beatles really shows. it's wonnnnnderful :) love this. - grayharp1

You are really talented! It's great - Nick

This could have been a number 1 song in the year 1921!! - DaffyBeatle

i love that all your songs give me some kinda wierd...nostalgia. some time, some place. not sure when and where but yeah. oh, i don't know, but i love this. - 0hhelleur

kinda reminds me of something off pink floyds obscured by clouds, not bad - siloheaven

excellent!!! cover i love the way you did this you did a grate job on this dude you rock hey i made a cd of this and i played it in my car you should put out a cd i wood buy it cool song cool singing - songpoemguy

hey Ryan , that's a beautiful song Thank you - Ben

You blew me away T_T - melonjade

You sound like Sir Paul on this original . Are you sure Paul McCartney didnt write this one? 5 stars man!!! - namnoiz

god, i really need to write more. this is so creative... you're just going with it and i love it. i wish i could get motivated to write again :( *sigh* - grayharp1

you are a very good singer '-' - cahry0626

Beautiful amazing original song the low rating is not just cause the ppl r not familier with this style and I'm sure didn't listen to the whole song.! maybe they should listen 1st from 2:00 to the end and then start over to get the feeling and the beauty of the song! - Ben

i have never seen someone use a gitaur synth with an acoustic. thats pretty cool - OhHelloKatieRose

loved your songs. this one's great. really catchy. if i lived in usa i would call you up fir jamming. unfortunately i live in argentina :P whatever you're great. great guitar skills and voice. and thanks for posting on my vids :) - sofiarock

if the god of Georgia Music All-Stars held a gun to my head and asked me to pick one Eshniner Forest song to take with me to eternity, this'd be it. my all-time fave of yrz, and an amazing sprightly version - crusser

this is lovley really calming . lyrics are oviously genius !. this made my lazy day :D - sexgod28

Acoustic songs always seem to bring a emotional feeling to songs but the lyrics in this are really strong too, and sang with so much passion. Perfect, keep up the good work. - H4NN4H17

it's great! a couple of favorite parts are the extra-strummy bits and the outro. my record player broke and i'm sad. - theorchidpool

this is really nice man :o - thewirrow

Beautiful song . - namnoiz

Put out an album, dude. You have a really original sound and I love it. - chris3ff

awesome :D *glomps* - TeenageOutlaw

wow, you have an album?! *craves your album right now* good for you, sir! you are so talented- its great that the world can hear it! :D incredible song. you have an amazing voice - TeenageOutlaw

I LIKE THIS SONG!!! Eshniner Forest, good, good! =) - thewhitebestlady

Very creative song man!! - DaffyBeatle

Wow! There's so much undiscovered amazing talent out there! This is unique, its new, and I love it (: - Chazzle1611

It takes balls to play a song and post it it on youtube, I wish i could do that, I play like shit. - ike t

This is really good, well done. Love the lyrics too. :] - Chazzle1611

luv this song. it's on the playlist on my myspace among 199 other songs - Erik Gustafson

lol 'that hurt more than i thought!' ;) hehe ^^ aww, amazing song! i love it :D its really deep. i can relate to it on certain levels. 5/5 and a fave n_n - TeenageOutlaw


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Temples & Pyramids By Eshniner Forest ( Album Review )

Temples and Pyramids is Eshniner Forest's 8th Full Length Album & it was released on October 31st 2013. The album contains 18 songs that were all composed during the previous year. All the songs were later recorded from January to September of 2013. 

Temples and Pyramids is an homage to the music and song writing styles of the late 60's. The main influence of Temples and Pyramids, is Brian Wilson's 2004 released of SMILE. Eshniner Forest wanted to write songs that were just as entertaining stylistically & musically to the best of Eshniner Forest's ability. Eshniner Forest also wanted the songs to be full of rich fun sounds and textures unlike Eshniner Forest's previous album Spectacle Sunrise. Eshniner Forest wanted the difference between Spectacle Sunrise and Temples and Pyramids to be a gigantic leap. So much so that if an outsider heard both albums & did not know the artist, the person would think the two albums were written by 2 different bands. 

Eshniner Forest wrote, recorded and produced this album on his own. As a song writer, Eshniner Forest tries not repeat himself & is always trying to come up with some kind of musical gimmick to make each song stand out on its own & I think Eshniner accomplishes this on this album.

The albums over all theme is the paranormal. With references to... Aliens, UFO's, Mutants, Hyperspace Travel, Space Travel, Science Fiction, Life After Death, Pre-History, Ancient History & overall just a love for the human experience. 

Album Length: 57.1 Minutes 

Track One.

Radiant Flux: This song was written as an introduction track, but was not recorded until September of 2013 & was the last song recorded for the album. Eshniner Forest said...  "I wanted the introduction song to have a strong beat but at the same time was soft and melodic. I wanted it to echo the harmonies of the Beach Boys & be somewhat similar to Our Preyer the introduction track of SMILE by Brian WIlson. 

Track Two.

In Our Wake: This song is a little pop song & I think really defines the direction of the entire album. Lyrically the song is about moving forward in life & not dwelling in the past in a way that is not self destructive. Musically it reminds you of the later years of The Beatles. It reminds you of something that could have maybe fit on the White Album. 

Track Three.

Heaven of Hyperspace: This song was the first song to be recorded & is a song about longing for a future that none of us current humans will ever experience. It has a chorus that is quite rock'n and heavy, the verses are introspective and haunting. 

Track Four.

Pretty Thing - Phase 1: This was the demo version & was not intended to be released, but the final version came out to be quite longer and sounding slightly different, so it was decided to be put on the album. Pretty things has an anthem kind of thing going on at the end... much like Hey Jude by The Beatles or Atlantis ( Song ) By Donovan Leitch

Track Five.

We Are Mutants: This is a electronic jam song with multiple lead instruments playing a similar lead melody. 

Track Six.

Watch Dr. Who: Lyrically this song is slightly about watching Dr. Who the television show but in a very subdued creative manner. "Watch Dr. Who" is said in the song, but the other lyric's could be interpreted to be about something completely different. It has a catchy guitar riff & the musical main focus is carried on by the vibe of the guitar chords. The instrumentation is not as full as some of the other songs with a lot of lyrics. Watch Dr. Who has a folky feeling to it & is a nice counter point & shows a variation of style from previous songs on the album. 

Track Seven.

Cheap Thrills: This song is more so a musical intermission & It has the lyrics of "Cheap Thrills" repeated as a chorus. It has a jaunty feeling that is played on a piano & is in a waltz time signature. The verse is instrumentally played by organs and fuzzy guitars. 

Track Eight.

Ridge of Time: This song is one of the heavier rock numbers on the album & last just under 5 min's in length. Lyrically the song is about facing death from the perspective of someone that can not die & give warning to the unwanted facets of life. 

Track Nine. 

Only Love - Phase One: This song was inspired by The Ink Spots in the way that the lyrics are sung. "Only Love" is sung and harmonized in a high pitch range. Musically it has a dirging bass & electric piano a long with a wavering lead synthesizer. It is mostly a musical track with interesting transitions. 

Track Ten.

Golden Land: Is a little pop rock song that is just fun to play and rock out to. The lyrics don't really mean anything & is mostly just a gobbledegook, but not in a bad way. The lead guitar stands out and the riff is interesting & like I said before... it Rocks! 

Track Eleven.

The Blockhead: This song is lyrically about seeing unidentified flying objects in the sky & the difference between believers and nonbelievers in the phenomena. It is also a piano based song and has a descending verse. At one moment it has a little punk rock then goes back to the main verse and then proceeds to a haunting outro. 

Track Twelve.

Only Love - Phase 2: This song is only similar chord wise very briefly to it's predecessor "Only Love - Phase One" other wise it sounds completely different & is a little pop rock gem. It is a catchy song of hope as the chorus says " You just gotta believe, only love will set us free! "... You are going to be at least tapping your foot along to this song. 

Track Thirteen. 

Mister Bluster: This song was inspired by Mean Mister Mustard By The Beatles. It is about a stubborn old man that is stuck in his ways and has some oddball opinions & for the most part is just silly lyrically. It has an interesting solo section with multiple instruments. The Instrumental bit in the middle of song was inspired be The Scarecrow By Pink Floyd

Track Fourteen.

Pretty Thing - Phase Two: This song is somewhat similar to Phase One other then the chorus is played out more allowing more instruments to play out, such as a lead guitar as well as a progressional build up of the anthem like chorus that is in a similar spirit of Hey Jude By The Beatles or Atlantis ( Song ) By Donovan Leitch

Track Fifteen.

Temples and Pyramids: This is the album title track & was originally not going to be the album title track. In Our Wake was originally going to be the title of the album because It was written with lyrics. The lyrics for Temples and Pyramids took about 5 months to complete because musically it was dramatically different from anything else on the album & Eshniner Forest wanted it to be a unique song. This song is the icing on the cake of the entire album... it has a haunting chorus that has similar ties to songs like "Cabinessence" By The Beach Boys. It is full of little catchy changes and has a warm fuzziness to it that harkens back to the more creative late 60's psychedelic rock music. 

Track Sixteen.

Far Flung Uranium Breath: This song is an instrumental & has a guitar as the lead instrument & has two different parts each played with a slightly different attack each time around. It builds up slowly. Eshniner Forest had heard a song called Black Napkins By Frank Zappa and wanted to come up with something similar, but in the end it is completely different from Black Napkins. 

Track Seventeen. 

Who We Are: This song is a little pop song with a slight gospel feel to it. The lead melody is quite strong & lyrically it is about finding an identity... human or not. 

Track Eighteen. 

So you Wait: This song is another Brian Wilson musical homage. It has a bit of a dark jazzy waltz feeling to it. Lyrically the song is about taking a deep breath and being able to finally relax and not worry about the future. It starts off with one chord predigestion and ends in a completely different place. It is the last song on the album & the end of a long musical journey. 

Darlean Boograttgh - Dec, 12th 2014 The Unlucky Mutant Magizine

Friday, December 12, 2014

Musical Update!

I have been recording quite a bit lately... well not a lot but I have enough now to actually talk about. I am working on two albums, one being a short album with about 5 or so songs under the name Dragoon Babi Kluster. The idea is that I'm pretend to be a foreign punk band with indiscernible accents. So far there are only 2 songs and both have different accents. Musically it is reminiscent of Bikini Kill or The Germs with synthesizer's. None of the Lyrics go to deep... it is mostly just an expression and love of the punk / Do It Yourself genera.

The second album is Eshniner Forest's 10th album. I have about 4 or 5 songs completed & want it to have about 10 songs in total for the entire album. I only want it to be 10 songs, because ultimately I would like it to only cost about 10 dollars. My last album had 18 tracks & I want to sell it for close to 20 dollars. I know I don't really mention money to often but it would be nice, if some day people actually liked my music enough to pay for it. It would be nice & I am in no hurry, but as for now most all my music is for free on my Bandcamp site until that distant unknown day in the future.

Temples & Pyramids By Eshniner Forest / Album Cover Update!

This is the new cover art for Temples & Pyramids Album. It is mostly pencil and black pen ink. The original cover art was a composited Image taken from a computer game... so it was completely unoriginal & that always bothered me so I finally got around to redrawing the whole thing & I feel much better about it.

This is the back side of the Album... that I don't think I have ever posted. 

Santa on the Moon! Internet Single # 6

I have recorded my 6th Internet Single & it was released a few weeks ago. It is the holiday season & I like to have a Christmas single every December. It has a version of Jingle Bell's on it as well as a little personal Christmas Message from myself. Santa on the Moon is a silly little song with no real reason or logic behind it. I was thinking of the Beach Boys Christmas Song... Santa's Got An Airplane.

Check out SANTA ON THE MOON! You can either listen to on that page or download it. The Santa on the Moon Single is Free Free Free as are most all my other albums on my BANDCAMP page.

Eshniner Forest's Top 10 Movie's!

Here is a list of my top ten movie's of my life. I am not really one to watch a lot of movie's & as you can see my favorite films are not even in the last 2 decade's. I do like a few things that came out such as the 2005 Hitch Hikers Guide film & I do like the Iron Man films... but they don't blow my mind. The stuff I really love is the Monty Python Films & the Back to the Future films. Those to me really captured my imagination as a kid & teenager. I am also a huge Mel Brooks fan, but sadly I could not fit any of his films in a frame of just ten. So here it is... my top ten films.

1: Back to the Future - 1985
2: Star War's The Empire Strikes Back - 1980
3: The Great Dictator - 1940
4: Modern Time's - 1936
5: Back to the Future 2 - 1989
6: Ghost Buster's - 1984
7: The Planet of the Ape's - 1968
8: Pee Wee's Big Adventure - 1985
9: Monty Pythons & The Holy Grail - 1975
10: The Jerk - 1979

-Eshniner Forest.