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Boxing Day

Merry Christmas!!


December History 2008. Joy.

Gif Animation Site.

Earth - By Eshniner Forest

Sweep The Secrets - By Eshniner Forest

Shadows Sleep / Tomorrow - Eshniner Forest.

Head In the Clouds - By the Backpockets.

The Backpockets - At the Eyedrum - Yesterday.

Head in the Clouds... By Eshniner Forest

Santa Sleeps.... A Chistmas Song... By Eshniner Forest

Beatles Week... My last 3 Videos.

Animal In Boat.

The Night Before... Beatles Cover By E.F.

From Me To You... Beatles Cover - By Eshniner Forest

Head in the Clouds. By Eshniner Forest

Fifty One Objects From Eshniner Forest

McCartney hopes to release funky Beatles track


I'm in this Video about the Internet Zombie Movie.

Vote in the USA.

Terminus / Buckhead / Georgia.

Outside is lovely.

This is too Funny!! Haha!

Zombie Blog.

Chalk Drawings.

You Make Me Feel Good - Zombie's Cover.



I'm Back.

On Sunday I will see Trains!!!

The Internet.

This is in my near future.


Sun Rise - Internet Single # 1 By Eshniner Forest

Hand Written Up-Date.

The Back Pockets Live In Atlanta!

My Post Cards for Sharing.

Bimbo Model Sheet 1931.

Idea's for ASIFA Art Show.

The Back Pockets!! LIVE on Video!!

The Back Pockets!! September 5th 2008!