Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ringmakers of Saturn.

"Presence of UFO's in our solar system introduces likelihood for analogous similarities in the universe. When an enlightened attitude is taken toward UFO advancement of not only the sciences but also the Arts & Humanities appears to be filled with new excitement." - Norman Bergrun 1986

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Art Bell's Dark Matter. Done?

My favorite radio personality - Art Bell - is saying he is not going to be doing any more Dark Matter shows as of tonight. I hope he turns it around or goes somewhere else. Here are a few statement Art posted on facebook & twitter.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

I'll do my thing.

Sometimes its like your lost in the world... I have everything set up & I'm not roaming the streets, pay my bills, have a job, but lately a few people have said some small comments that just get me down slightly, but at the same time I never believe them. Its as if what I'm doing is not normal enough or not good enough as if I deserve better & I think what I'm doing is just fine. I just find it bothersome that others are bothered by my actions that are really not that important at all. Its all just little stuff. Like I won't pay for a hair cut & I cut my own hair. It may not be a perfect hair cut but its fine enough to get by.

You do your thing & I'll do mine.

October is over...

October went by so quickly I don't know where it went, but yet october is still my favorite month. Mainly due to the cooler weather. Warm temperatures are not really my thing. I like seeing the leaves change plus its not super cold yet so that is my main deal... mostly. I do like halloween but this year I kind of dipped out on most any social activity mainly due to work.

The best things that happened were I got to see Quasi & Brian Wilson.

In november circulatory system is playing late in the month.

I am not going to be working on any new music until next year.

Later B-)