The Best YouTube Comments on Eshniner Forest Videos!

The YouTube Comments below dating from 2007 - 2014. The comments are in their original format with the users name adjacent to the comments. Please Enjoy & Thank You! 

Now this is what I call a youtube video! Killer, very original song, and a very interesting and timeless (in certain ways!) video! I'm subscribing, and look forward to more! - De Selby Studios

What a fabulous glad I found this! Love your vocal style, and the "sound" and lyrics of this song. Fun ending too! - De Selby Studios

totally reminds me of beatles - but like it better - Aviva Sings Out

Just love it man ! Keep rocking ;) - Number9

sounds like talking heads and syd barrett had a jam together. great cover! - InstantKarmaAndroid

Whoever the hell this is should have acid poured down their throats as soon as possible ! - 88cutty

cool! Love what you did with the song, it sounds so eerie and cool. Awesome job! - Maria Jacobsbaumhauser

I like the song. Sounds like Beatles mashed together with 1969 Floyd. The opera singer at the end sounds straight from a Morrissey show. - kincaide67

 Based on what I've read I don't think this cover is as far off as you think. The closest you will get is listening to "Return of the Son of Monster Magnet" by Frank Zappa and imagining a darker, slower variant of it. - UK31337

This is complete genius I swear that was seve "barcelona!" on the slow motion TV--could have used a baby armadillo climbing on your neck and a random 400 pound naked guy denying the holocaust behind you but this is the abridged version anyway.... - buckypyro

This is definitely the closest to the original based on what I've read. Great job! - UK31337

Pretty good. Even though it's not as complex as some other attempts, this is probably closer to the original in the sense that it doesn't have a techno/dance music sound to it. More just meandering sound loops and gibberish vocals. Btw, I really like the sort of creepy vocal noises. - Andrew L

 agreed. this is certainly the best interpretation i've ever come across - not that i've heard the song myself, but it seems to tick more boxes than any other spot on mate - GLRUK

Just my take on it: virtually all the other "Carnival of Light"s out there sound like scattered chaotic noises...this has a more precise, dark, creepy kind of ominousness about perfectly catures the mystery regarding this track, nobody's ever heard it, but almost every Beatles fan's heard OF it, and all the while, the tapes are still locked away at Abbey Road Studios...just something about that gives me the chills a little... Amazing cover! - NeedleTVLTD

i think this is the funniest thing i've ever seen. - DianaPrince403

hahaha totally weird and totally fun <3 -="" a="" href="">Paperlilies

holy hell. this is brilliant, to say the least. i love the voices, especially the cheeping chick. *favorit'd - ragainstmach03

this is beautiful; you are beautiful. - babyporridge

man this is a beautiful song! i love it! seriously! man do you have an album? - Lee-Lonn W.

okay... first of all i really love this. second... are you putting an effect on the tracks and playing it live? you're not lip sincing to a pre-recorded track are you? just a lil confused by the process. but GREAT results :) ***** - greyharp1

oh and your love for the beatles really shows. it's wonnnnnderful :) love this. - grayharp1

You are really talented! It's great - Nick

This could have been a number 1 song in the year 1921!! - DaffyBeatle

i love that all your songs give me some kinda wierd...nostalgia. some time, some place. not sure when and where but yeah. oh, i don't know, but i love this. - 0hhelleur

kinda reminds me of something off pink floyds obscured by clouds, not bad - siloheaven

excellent!!! cover i love the way you did this you did a grate job on this dude you rock hey i made a cd of this and i played it in my car you should put out a cd i wood buy it cool song cool singing - songpoemguy

hey Ryan , that's a beautiful song Thank you - Ben

You blew me away T_T - melonjade

You sound like Sir Paul on this original . Are you sure Paul McCartney didnt write this one? 5 stars man!!! - namnoiz

god, i really need to write more. this is so creative... you're just going with it and i love it. i wish i could get motivated to write again :( *sigh* - grayharp1

you are a very good singer '-' - cahry0626

Beautiful amazing original song the low rating is not just cause the ppl r not familier with this style and I'm sure didn't listen to the whole song.! maybe they should listen 1st from 2:00 to the end and then start over to get the feeling and the beauty of the song! - Ben

i have never seen someone use a gitaur synth with an acoustic. thats pretty cool - OhHelloKatieRose

loved your songs. this one's great. really catchy. if i lived in usa i would call you up fir jamming. unfortunately i live in argentina :P whatever you're great. great guitar skills and voice. and thanks for posting on my vids :) - sofiarock

if the god of Georgia Music All-Stars held a gun to my head and asked me to pick one Eshniner Forest song to take with me to eternity, this'd be it. my all-time fave of yrz, and an amazing sprightly version - crusser

this is lovley really calming . lyrics are oviously genius !. this made my lazy day :D - sexgod28

Acoustic songs always seem to bring a emotional feeling to songs but the lyrics in this are really strong too, and sang with so much passion. Perfect, keep up the good work. - H4NN4H17

it's great! a couple of favorite parts are the extra-strummy bits and the outro. my record player broke and i'm sad. - theorchidpool

this is really nice man :o - thewirrow

Beautiful song . - namnoiz

Put out an album, dude. You have a really original sound and I love it. - chris3ff

awesome :D *glomps* - TeenageOutlaw

wow, you have an album?! *craves your album right now* good for you, sir! you are so talented- its great that the world can hear it! :D incredible song. you have an amazing voice - TeenageOutlaw

I LIKE THIS SONG!!! Eshniner Forest, good, good! =) - thewhitebestlady

Very creative song man!! - DaffyBeatle

Wow! There's so much undiscovered amazing talent out there! This is unique, its new, and I love it (: - Chazzle1611

It takes balls to play a song and post it it on youtube, I wish i could do that, I play like shit. - ike t

This is really good, well done. Love the lyrics too. :] - Chazzle1611

luv this song. it's on the playlist on my myspace among 199 other songs - Erik Gustafson

lol 'that hurt more than i thought!' ;) hehe ^^ aww, amazing song! i love it :D its really deep. i can relate to it on certain levels. 5/5 and a fave n_n - TeenageOutlaw



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