Friday, January 29, 2016

Vampire Girl By The Spooky Moon ( Original Song )

Vampire Girl is a new song that will be featured on my October 2016 album. I am currently working on a Halloween Themed album. I am not sure of the full title yet other then the word Halloween. It will Feature a few songs from my first album Halloween Tape from 2002. Keep your eyes pealed for new songs! I will be posting videos of new songs throughout 2016!

Ryan of The Spooky Moon / Eshniner

Snow! Jan 23, 2016

It snowed here, over night on the 23rd of January. This is just a little video of this weather event.

Ryan of The Spook Moon / Eshniner

Mystic Ukulele By The Spooky Moon.

Mystic Ukulele is The Spooky Moons 11th solo album. All the songs feature the ukulele as the main instrument. You can down load it for FREE here or on

This is also the first album released under the name The Spooky Moon. The title of the album is the basic theme which is the ukulele.


released December 18, 2015

All Songs written, recorded and produced by played By: Ryan of Eshniner Forest / The Spooky Moon.

Adele - Hello - Acustic Guitar Cover By The Spooky Moon.

Here is my cover of Hello By Adele. It is an acoustic guitar cover. I also did a multi-tracked version of the song. I hope you like it & thanks for watching. :)

Ryan of The Spooky Moon / Eshniner

Adele - Hello - Cover By The Spooky Moon

Here is my cover of Hello By Adele. I made it a lot more rock / pop sounding. I like this version better then the original version. I am not really into the modern pop sounds that have become quite common place in modern / current pop music. I just find it so dry sounding & I prefer things that standout and gradually build up with the help of musical transitions. I like real instruments... real instruments versus a lot of electronic sounds.

I also taught my self a little something about current pop music that I had not realized. One thing I noticed is that a lot of current pop music is designed to appeal to a wide demographic. The original song has elements of Pop, R&B, Rock & Rap music. This is a good thing now if your trying to sell billions of records, these days you kind of have to for a single to make it.

Ryan of The Spooky Moon / Eshniner