Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rene Magritte.... Lost W.T.#3 Character.

This guy Rene M. was on the cover of W.T.#3, but never made it into the story. He has a human head thats connected to a robot body. He is a sort of super hero, kind of character, with jumping powers & great strength. Plus he is French, but I cant say thats good or bad.

On this last frame, I really like that evil guy on the right, he is cool... looking.

Octopus Couple... Lost W.T.#3 Characters

This couple was going to be apart of Warde Thang # 3, but I never got around to working with them.
Here is some character design development for the Octopus couple. :)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

DONKEY TOWN # 2, From Jan, 2002

This here is a the second & last comic I worked on under the title of Donkey Town. Unfortunately it is unfinished. Above is the cover design. It has the main villain in the bush there. He operated the cannon on top of tower 42 in the story. Just look how mean he looks!
Here is the first cover design I worked on. Everything that happens in the story happens within this picture. I basically made a map & built a story around a map & the characters that live in each house / building.

This is another placement shot / drawing, so you can get an idea of where this story is taking place. Pretty important ah?
From here onward until the next 2 pictures is all the real drawings, I did for the entire story. I just never got around to finishing this comic.

Here is some character design drawings for DT#2.
This here is the water fountain, a bird lands on & sets off a bomb.
This here is a character that drives / runs the Snail Shell Time Machine. He never got a name, but I remember calling him... Half Man Mostly Turtle.
From here until the end of this blog entry is all the story that I could find. I know I made the entire story in sketch form, but again this is all I could find. Please Enjoy!

Halloween 2001 Drawings.

All I can remember about these pictures is that around the time... I liked this girl named Eleanor & it was Halloween / October.

Friday, July 27, 2007

I Hear a New World / 2 Odd Drawings.

No... sorry, No eggs today.
These drawings here are from the same period of 2002 drawings. They are similar too Donkey Town & Warde Thang.

DONKEY TOWN # 1, From Dec, 22, 2002

Donkey town was a comic I was working on while I lived in Athens Georgia. I don't know why I gave up on the story? Maybe the hopelessly misunderstood story that was always failing to deliver, just could never catch on, with the kids. Well... after I finished this first Donkey Town # One, I started working on Donkey town # 2. I did start a General story board of Donkey Town # Two & I will be posting that in the next post, but as of now. Here is the complete first story of D.T.#1. Please enjoy.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ward Thang Adventure # 4, The Lost Comic

This image here is the Cover to the comic Warde Thang Adventure # 4. As you can see their are a lot of faces. I wanted the story to have almost no words & a character change almost every frame. The plot was going to based around unknown reasoning or logic & just be pure art. The comic was to basically be a collection of odd characters that don't really know each other that float along & make brief contact & so on, frame by frame. Also I wanted the reader to make up their own story. The reason I wanted to do such a comic was because I like the idea of nontraditional thinking & processes.
Here is a one lay out I did for Warde Thang Adventrue # 4.
Here is a Lay out with some character designs for WTA4.
One of the story aspects that I was playing with was... I wanted the Sargent to turn into a real man in one of the story flows. Above the Sargent is slowly becoming a man.
More character design. A rabbit & a reptile automobile.
This collection of images, shows the Sargent after he has turned into a man. He is going to work in this part of the story.
Here is a sketch of the dragon that was on the right hand corner of the cover of W.T.A. # 4.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lost Warde Thang # 3 Drawings!!

What I drew above is some art... showing the Sargent's Ship... traveling among a living cloud. I don't remember how I was going to use it. It looks like it was mostly Yellow Submarine inspired.
This is a post card I made just before I really started to focus on W.T. # 3. Notice the Sargent's ship is still not defined yet.
Here is a lost frame on how the Sargent got his new Space Ship.
Here is another way the Sargent Lost his first Space Ship.
The space ship at the top of this drawing was used for the cover of W.T.A. # 3. This is the original drawing it came from... I just made a copy and cut and pasted it on to a transparent paper onto the other drawings combined to make the cover. Also this is the final version of the Sargent's, Space Ship.
Here are some early drawings of the Sargent and the Space ship.
This is an early version of one of the story plots I was randomly using. Notice how Mleep looks a lot more broke down & simple. Mleep was originally going to be some how conjoined with Buzzy / the Sargent's Co-Pilot. Well any way to show their relation, I made Bleep & Buzzy have / had similar bodies, but that all changed over time.
Here is something I found, I'm not sure how I was going to use this, but I do remember it being from Warde Thang # 3! Also if you would like to, you can see and read the entire story book of Ward Thang Adventure # 3, here at the following link! W.T.#3

My Paglia Mercer PA, paintings from last August.

This dog is on another planet.

What we have here kids is a landscape drawing.
Here is the test layout for the landscape painting above.
The piano is floating.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Unknown - Warde Thang - Story - Drawing.

I'm not to sure what story this was going to go with, but I go know it had to do with time travel! The guy on the far right is named Bimboom & the little guy on the table is known as the white dragon! Now that I think about this.... I'm pretty sure this was going to be apart of Warde Thang Adventrue # 4!