I want to be alone... sometimes.

Hello - Readers.

My most strong & deeply desired dream, is to exist totally within an, almost ethereal plane of existence. I say almost, because I am not sure weather, I am totally attracted to this without a body realm of existence. The only way “Now” I’d feel comfortable living totally within an otherworldly form, was if I was some how able to converse with fellow, travelers or somehow able to have balance & order, between this dimension & the other mysterious worlds. I say this because, It would be insane to only thrive on information. Because, while I find exploring the universe just mesmerizing. I still am very much so attracted to having friends to converse with & perform & display my art.

What would I do, If I could live in another dimension? I would mostly travel the stars & the unknown universe & get involved in understanding its creation. My job would be a sort of data collector. Hunting out that next puzzle peace of an impossibly gigantic enigma. I am not so much interested in finding a united theory to the universe, but just to be able to exist, entirely with out reason to worry about, dysfunction or mortality. So if these two things were eliminated, I would be able to learn about the ever changing & growing universe. My travels would include, the bleakness of deep space, Uncharted Territories, Unknowns & all that other obvious star stuff.

Talk about wanting to be alone… this is the pits of loneliness.



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