Earth [Original Song] By: Eshniner Forest

Earth is a song that has been floating around for a while now, I just did not want to record it so quickly, cause when I wrote it 6 or so months ago it had a differnt tone to it that I was not so sure about... So I waited to record it, & it has become one of my favorite new songs by me. :)

This song is about how we as Earth people can easily distort reality & make ourselves believe things that aren't necessarily true, but these sort of falsities become true with the help of time & large groups of people that have promoted / embedding / believed these truths... into our culture. These false truths are usually in the form or epic stories, such as the stories past down from the most ancient of books.

Now what I am getting at is that we as humans seem to not want to let go of the past history. This History I speak of has become like the glue of our culture, that is very negligent to change. In recent times issues in the news are popping in the form of hate crimes and negativity toward new cultural directions & ideals that a good majority of humans, show fear for... so as a result they fight back with anger and hate & in my opinion this backlash is quite unattractive & this unattractive quality of our culture is what my song "Earth" is about... DUH!! Ha ha! :)


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