Hand Written Up-Date.

I wrote this out a few days ago, but I have not really been able to get close to a computer with Internet on it to post... it.

I must admit not having the Internet as an outlet for my creative self is slightly difficult for me to deal with but at the same time... I am getting a lot more personal art done. I bought a light table, so I can start making my cartoons / moving drawings. I plan to bring home a pile of paper from work, & in time you will be seeing the results of hours of drawing.

In addition to me not using the Internet I am now working 6 days a week.... all for the luxury of paying bills!! :) However.... here are a few other things that I plan to get done before January 20th 2009.

Me and My friend Justin want to record an EP together.

I have to finish recording my "Hidden Wizard" Album. I just have a few more songs to record. Like 3 or 4.

"The Back Pockets" the band I'm in would like to record an album of songs.

Me and my friends Brian and Brett have a cartoon to finish.

Looking forward to making more art. Yeah!! :0)

Oh here are the last few Vids of the first Back Pockets show. I think.


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