December History 2008. Joy.

Here is a new comic I have been working on. A future post will have the Comic up on the internet here.
This band sang several songs about Brett W. T. Omelet is the Band. Thats a picture of Brett on the screen. The image was spinning round and round!!
My Friend Aviva performed last weekend at the Eyedrum in a group called "The Strings".
Its a 2 girl dance troop.
It was quite funny and fun to watch!! :)
Me at work.
A house on my way home to and from work. This was on the way home. :)
Driving to work and home is fun.
Playing a lot of Animal Crossing City Life. My character is on the right his name is Wolfie. Thats Brad on the left. Fun stuff happens in A.C.C.L. :)
Drinking a lot of tea recently. :)


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