Temples & Pyramids / Album Summary.

TEMPLES & PYRAMIDS, is Eshniner Forest's 8th, full length album & was recorded from January - September 2013.

ALBUM SUMMARY: " I just wanted to write a collection of fun and exciting songs that were more upbeat as well as have a much more dynamic sound. With Spectacle Sunrise it had a lot of darkness and was not a full sounding as I would have liked it to be... & I mainly wanted to put more time into recording and completely contrast Spectacle Sunrise & FILTH in every way possible. I also wanted pull back into the forefront the kind of creativity that I had on Halloween Tape & do things in a way that didn't make sense direction wise. When I say "didn't make sense" I mean, take musical risks that I would not normally do now. I have noticed I tend to go in a very contemporary direction, because It is quick, but with these songs, I wanted to echo the kind of conceptual songs like on Brian Wilson's SMILE as well as that era of the late 60's that I love! "


TEMPLES & PYRAMIDS will be released on OCTOBER 1st 2013. You can hear and download the first song off the album HERE for FREE off Eshniner's bandcamp site. 

Please Enjoy & Thanks for listenting:


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