Brian Wilson / Jeff Beck.

Last Night I attended - Brian Wilson & Jeff Beck at the Chastain Park Amphitheater. Above is a video of a few songs I filmed. The sound is outstanding however I know the video is... quite distant.

I have to say it was overall a great concert! I really could have done without so much of Jeff Beck's performance, however I did like most of the Jeff Beck band songs... I just would never buy any Jeff Beck's Records. Jeff's Songs are quite heavy at times and one or two really ambient. I am guessing he also played a few cover instrumentals that people seemed to cheer at when the songs arose. I only knew of 2 of the Covers he played both being Beatles songs.... 1. A day in the life & 2. In my life.

In the few times that Brian Wilson did speak, I noticed he was a lot more confident when had a comment or something to say. Al Jardine was also playing guitar and singing & he had a story how the song, Hearts were full of Spring & that it was the first song they would sing before they were even called the Beach Boys. The concert was really nice as usual & I love Brian's Wilson songs so much it is just hard to complain.

A few of the songs I was surprised to hear live such as... Little Bird & She Knows Me.

The last time I saw Brian in concert was during the Smile tour of 2005 & I hope to see Brain Wilson next year.

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