Somewhere out there...

How can you put all your eggs in one basket and say the only life in the entire universe that exists is on planet earth? I would think if that's all you want to believe, then you are not even giving humanity the chance to even to gain enough technology to possibly become what I think is most inevitable outcome. It might take us another 3000 years or more or less, but sooner or later we will be leaving earth for some reason, unless we destroy our selves. 

Sooner or later I would think any sort of developing intelligence would ultimately become a space faring race.

The universe is the oldest thing to ever exist & to say that earth is the only habitable planet in the entire universe is quite a statement. A statement that I would find incredible boring & as said in the movie contact... " An incredible waist of space."

Why would you even want to believe that Earth is only planet with a race of self awareness, intelligence & the ability to adapt?

As of February 2014 - 1,075 planets in 813 planetary systems including 178 multiple planetary systems have been found & the numbers are rising everyday. 

We may not be a deep space faring race now, but we are not the kind of people to take things at face value. We want to understand where we come from and who we are & it seems we are still struggling with the question of our own identities & we will continue looking for the truth to these simple questions. 

All I know is... I want to believe the truth & I have yet to find it. We will never be the kind to just sit back & not question. As long as we have self awareness & passion for life that is all we need to continue. 

The truth is out there....


Anonymous said…
I don't know bro. Science is kind of a minimal thing these days.

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