My Top Ten Video Games.

I mostly only have been interested in Nintendo games all my life. I like the challenges & the pergressive difficulty they provide as well as the style & I have always stuck with action adventure. Mario Kart is really the only sports related game i've ever gotten into but as much as I love all the Mario Kart games, I excluded them from my list because Mario Kart would take up 6 positions on this list.... so here is my top 10 games of all time.

10: Contra. NES
9: Mega Man 1. NES
8: Star Fox. N64
7: Zelda-Link to the Past. SNES
6: Super Metroid. SNES
5: Star Wars - X-Wing. PC
4: Minecraft. PC
3: Super Mario World. SNES
2: Super Mario Brothers 3. NES
1: Zelda-Link's Awakening DX. GBC


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