Social Media Buggin You?

I have this blog but other life activities happen & you forget about it for a while & then I'll remember I have a blog again & then I'll use again until I forget again. Its the life of a blog I guess. I mostly post on twitter because it is easy to say things quickly & have a few people actually read it but here ( this blog ) is an empty void waiting for random readers. I have noticed on facebook if I post something original like a comic or a song it gets far less views then if I post a little text update. It seems the simpler & less time is oriented in the post the more people see it. So if you put your heart into something artistic no one cares or has the time for, but if you say something brief in text it gets read because it only takes a few seconds to read.

I personally will click on a friends song or read a friends comic & spend maybe a little extra time checking out their art or music online. I will even leave a comment or a like if I like it. I guess that's where my interest is... I like looking for new artist & hearing new music. 
I remember when I first started using the internet back in the late 90s & over all the experience was a lot more social then it is now. I had pen pals all over the world & as junking & messy my art was at the time I got a lot more interactions. It was thrilling to meeting new people via the internet back then, but now people are more cautious to whom they meet on the internet. They might check out someone's art or music without ever telling the artist just because its easier to say nothing or maybe they think it would be bothersome to to the artist if they wrote them.

These are some social media odd times. I wish things were different but these days you have to be careful. Its sad & true. 





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