Adele - Hello - Cover By The Spooky Moon

Here is my cover of Hello By Adele. I made it a lot more rock / pop sounding. I like this version better then the original version. I am not really into the modern pop sounds that have become quite common place in modern / current pop music. I just find it so dry sounding & I prefer things that standout and gradually build up with the help of musical transitions. I like real instruments... real instruments versus a lot of electronic sounds.

I also taught my self a little something about current pop music that I had not realized. One thing I noticed is that a lot of current pop music is designed to appeal to a wide demographic. The original song has elements of Pop, R&B, Rock & Rap music. This is a good thing now if your trying to sell billions of records, these days you kind of have to for a single to make it.

Ryan of The Spooky Moon / Eshniner


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