Life of Pablo By Kanye West - Review

The Life of Pablo By Kanye West is his latest album and features 19 recordings. This is currently the most popular album in the world as of April 2016. I just gave the entire album a listen and it has a few good moments that I wished lasted longer. This album also has a handful of interestingly put together tracks, but the majority are lacking input and seem to be done without a lot of attention. A lot of the more interesting moments that happen are very brief and sometimes never return within the songs and only happen once. In fact that's the basis of my entire opinion of this album is that, it sounds very quickly put together. A lot of these songs sound like they were made in the course of day or afternoon or maybe two. Additionally a lot of the songs end abruptly, or just end and the intro of the track is pasted onto the end creating an ending that the listener already heard. There are a lot of what I would call "Cut and Paste moments" on this album. Toward the end of the album, the sounds get very muddy sounding at times when it comes to sampling. I get an overall vibe of carelessness and lack of attention to detail on this album. I know art and music are very subjective and to each their own, but at this point in our history there is a lot of art and music out there to compare things to. This album in my opinion is lacking composure and attention and was quickly made. I want to say a good handful like 4 or 5 songs are really more interesting and more composed, but for the most part, most of the songs could have been more developed. 

The Spooky Moon


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