Colonization of the Moon.

The Lunar outpost will be an inhabited facility on the surface of the Moon which NASA currently plans to construct over the five years between 2019 and 2024. On December 4, 2006, NASA announced the conclusion of its Global Exploration Strategy and Lunar Architecture Study.[1] The Lunar Architecture Study's purpose was to "define a series of lunar missions constituting NASA's Lunar campaign to fulfill the Lunar Exploration elements" of the Vision for Space Exploration.[2] What resulted was a basic plan for a lunar outpost near one of the poles of the Moon, which would permanently house astronauts in six-month shifts, similar to the crew rotation aboard the International Space Station.


Thanks for visiting the Blooog. I really like your design for Old Bear.... he's got a personal style, but clearly influenced by the 30's designs used at the major studios.

Are you actually making it into a real cartoon, or just working on a storyboard?

- trevor.
Eshniner Forest said…
- Trevor.

Yes we are working on the storyboards so we can make a full length cartoon! About 5 mins long. :)

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