I Was In Another World, Right Here!

I found some old negitives & scanned them & found a great deal of photos that I have never seen before from my past. The picture above is when I lived in California as a young boy. Thats my sister on the left. I will post more of these photos later. :)
I drew this picture sitting around at work. I was waiting for someone & had a moment to my self. One of the lead production guys walked by & he is one of those types that does not like people waisting time at work. Heck I dont either but I was waiting to drive someone & he told me to wait. Well any way this production guy didnt like me at all for some reason after he saw me sitting and drawing one afternoon.

I have come across this sort of situation in the past. Some people think that if your drawing you are not retaining / thinking about the situation at hand. It might be considered rude, but for me to function like in a classroom, I am much better off keeping my head down and drawing or writing.


Dabiv Dagis said…
Hey Ryan, I saw and heard this amazing artist and thought you might be interested. Gandalf the Grey: http://peppermintstore.blogspot.com/2007/11/gandalf-grey-grey-wizard-am-i.html
Eshniner Forest said…
Woah Dave this record is great thanks for thinking of me! :)

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