I posted this video this morning on YouTube and its rubbing a great deal of people in the wrong direction. It seems the idea of Jesus being anything else but a figure of a divine origin is messing with the minds of a good majority. I don't tend to hurt people or be mean on purpose, nor do I want people to feel I am wanting to disrupt them in any way., but Zombie Jesus & ideas like him that seem to disturb people, bring out such things as aggravation & other negative thoughts. At the same time these sorts of "aggravations" are in very large way highlighting fears & weaknesses of people. Over all when I read the peoples comments about Zombie Jesus, I get the idea that, no matter how advanced we think, we as earth people are, we still have great deal of leaning & development to accomplish. Zombie Jesus only represents "change" & if you fear "change" there is no advancement in our methods of understanding the universe around us.

Update: 03/21/08 I recieved the best comment about this video. :)

Paperlilies (27 minutes ago)
hahaha totally weird and totally fun <3


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