What does it all mean?

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I'm one of those Google Earth geeks. I like to look around at the earths surface for hours on end. I should post more things I find cause now that I can create an Image link to this blog from the Google Map site, I think that sounds fantastic. :) Well any way, like the nerd I am I typed in Aera 51 & what do you know I zoom out & start roaming the aera & this image pops up. Its not a secret of any kind. Its right off the H-Way 375 in Nevada & their are a few roads that drive right threw the circles, so they are not buildings. If you zoom in they look like wheat feilds of some sort, but whats the deal with the circle shapes and the perfect / odd layout?? Its well designed & could be seen from outerspace. I could not begin to tell you its function. Kinda Cool. :P


Moro Rogers said…
I think they are circular crops...They make 'em like that so that they can spray them with a single rotating...um...spray thing. (I could be mistaken, haha. And yes, I tried looking at Area 51, and North Korea...and Easter Island...although you can't really see much of Easter Island.)

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