Getting Dimmer & Dimmer.

I would like to give you more as an artist... but as it is I have always struggled with having a fan base via the internet... I know going out and playing live is a better path to gain "fans" but I find meeting people tiresome. It is possible... I think... but the manner I am going about it is just not working and I really don't know what to do. It just seems like it is best if my musical dreams lay on the back burner forever as a hobby.

I think it is best just to create content at my own pace. I think more interactive videos is the way to go... just not myself playing a cover... possibly a VLOG of some kind. As hopeful as creating something to hear or see is via the internet is... the likelihood of someone else experiencing it other then myself is almost zero. I would love to make more and create more and post more, but with out a reason to post something... I find the result of no interactions boring.

I know it only takes one thing to get a billion views, but I am at the point that... I have already made a lot of internet content and another thing in my pile of internet content seems to have no effect. I also know that internet is the way to go, but my direction is loosing its focus. I would like to have a purpose to post things that I love and have more then a handful of fans that are waiting for the next thing from Eshniner Forest.

I love the internet and the few fans as well as friends that I do have, but again... I want to share but without fuel I keep getting dimmer and dimmer.

If anyone wants to work on anything artistic or creative via the internet... lets do it!



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