Emptiness is Nowhere!

I have turned up the heat a bit around here... I have been recording a bit & feel I am getting back in the recording game. Last night I said out loud as I was eating dinner... "I am going to record a whole album in an hours time!" and I did just that...

Check it out if your interested, It is titled Emptiness is Nowhere...

It is a simplistic sort of album. I was thinking about John and Yoko's Wedding Album as well as their first album Two Virgins. I liked the idea of making an album of short tape recordings... I would have used a tape recorder but I got a similar result by just using a computer. I wanted to convey my recent thoughts and emotions as well open a little "window of me" without going to deep and to just keep things simple.

Tonight I also recorded a cover of Jingle Bells the Christmas song. I would like to record a few more Christmas songs, but I am not to interested in making a whole album... maybe I will just stick to recording one Christmas recording a year. Last year I released a Christmas Single called Curtain of Blue. It has 2 tracks... Curtain of Blue and Christmas Message 2015.

Good Night


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