I am on my last social media leg.

I have been on Twitter for quite a while. I want to say since 2008, but I might be wrong. Whatever the truth is, I am getting tired of this game of putting my music out there, trying to be a nice guy & trying to not come across as an asshole.

I have a few cool followers, that read my tweets and some interest in what I post, but the majority just want you to look and read their own tweets. Its the "Me, me, me, Generation" & this so called "Me generation" is at its peek & I am apart of it! As much as I want everyone to read my posts and ultimately hear my music, there is only a small fraction that are actually reading my tweets and clicking my links.

Unless you have a billion followers that are somewhat genuine & are passive internet users & you have a name as big as Kenya West, then your going to get a lot of traffic. Additionally, getting genuine / passive followers is really hard. Yes you can be really nice and have great content, but no one is going to know who the fudge you are unless your name hits mass media in a massive way. You can tweet a billion times a day, write a million blog posts, sing on a thousand songs on YouTube and no matter how hard you put yourself out there, your going to hit a wall / glass ceiling. I know this because I have made a lot of internet content in my life time & its getting to the point where so little response has happened for more then 10 years now that I am loosing interest.

So how do you get more passive internet users / genuine followers? You basically have to be as big as Kenya West & I personally don't see this happening in my life time.

It has always been this way for me on the internet. I have been a content creator before the dawning of the term content creator and overall I have gotten nowhere it seems. I feel as if I should put all my content in a time capsule and hope that some lonely person in the distant future finds it and gets something out of it. That's all I want really, is to inspire people, that's why I write and record music is because I was inspired by some artist. I just want to make someone's creative gears turn, but like I said before I have hit the glass ceiling.

I have thought long and hard about this. I almost wish I was one of those football players that quit playing because they wanted to avoid brain injuries. If I was one of those guys, I would have said on national TV... " It is sad that I am quitting football, but I am not quitting at life... I have decided to start a rock and roll band... and we call ourselves... The Spooky Moons." As much as I can wish about this, I have no commercial catapult or the money to get my music in the minds of the entire nation.

To be famous these days, it seems like you have to be morally wrong and do and say things that are sociologically messed up.

I recently found out that my twitter profile alone gets over 3,000 view in a months time and in that time, I might get one or two clicks on one of the 3 links in my profile. This just blows my mind, in the fact that there is such a huge lack of curiosity. I think most are looking at each others profile, hoping to find a person that will follow them back. I guess my profile does not scream, I will follow you back and to tell you the truth... I most likely wont, unless you come across as kind and genuine.

I usually follow people that come across as real humans. I will take a moment are look over their most recent tweets and decide if I want to follow them. In most cases I don't follow, because the majority I see, are generating trash.

I am not totally giving up, I plan to play more live shows this year. I already have one show set up this summer and I am working on getting more, but it is slow. I have not played live shows since 2005 in Athens, Georgia. However playing music live is much more interactive then the social media will ever be.

If you are reading this... check out eshninerforest.org . I have some free music there on the bottom of the page as well as a free comic book in PDF format.

Ryan of The Spooky Moon.


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