Le Butcherettes - Masquerade - Atlanta - March 15th, 2016

On March 15th I went to see The Le Butcherettes and up until two weeks ago I had never heard of them. How I discovered them was on complete accident and I forget what I was watching on YouTube, but YouTube has this auto play feature and I was doing something else online and was just listening to an interview and the auto play feature went to an interview with Teri Gender Bender and I was impressed by her self expression of her music and just her personality and character really captured me. So I liked the video and my Twitter account is connected to my YouTube account and then a day or two later I got a like and a follow from the Le Butcherettes Twitter account. I then followed her back and went to http://lebutcherettes.net/ and learned they were on tour in about two weeks time and I then bought my ticket and attended the concert at the Masqerade in Atlanta.

I then started listening to them on Spotify and I was even more impressed. Her music reminded me of Bikini Kill with a bit of an 80s punk vibe. It is just not straight puck rock, her songs have more then three chords and she has an ear for melody, which is quite rare in this day and age. I love her powerful voice as well as her range. It is like each song has its own character that has its own persona that pours out of her as the songs progress. She also has an amazing stage presents. She is moving around and making facial expressions and totally feeling the music and is very much "in the moment" as one might say. She is just not up there performing one song after another, she is very expressive in her own way and I love it!

Seeing The Le Butcherettes was very inspiring to me. It hard to put it into words because a lot of it is an emotional reaction that I find very good overall. If you ever get a moment, look up interviews with Teri Gender Bender on YouTube. She has an amazing personality and a spirit in her soul that makes you just want to like her. If they ever come to Atlanta again, I will be attending again and I am looking forward to whatever they release in the future.

I filmed the entire show witch is a little over an hour. I split the video into 3 parts, Part 1 and Part 2 are about 30 mins in length and Part 3 is under 10 mins. The video are listen below.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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