My Opinion about The Needle Drops video Titled "It Came from Bandcamp!"

I was on twitter... like I always am in the morning and I came across this image The Needle Drop posted.

I would have to totally agree with whom ever emailed this message to him. The Needle Drop is in a position where he can shine light onto artists that have little to no name for them selves and possible good things can happen to that artist. Instead he digs up the worse junk on and tells the world about it. Why not do something useful and show people good bands? Additionally not all bands suck. I personally have found some great bands and I must say the great music might be a lot harder to find because they are using common search tags such as "RocknRoll" and "RapMusic". I would also have to add from my own experience that I do think a lot of the bands on are either quite generic sounding or not worthy of being recognized.

A lot of major labels use to help sell there albums. is just another way for artist to get there music out there along side other sites such as, ITunes and digital music streaming services such as Spotify.

I for the most part enjoy The Needle Drops video and find them for the most part entertaining. This It came from bandcamp video really struck a negative chord with me. Here is a link the The Needle Drops IT CAME FROM BANDCAMP video.

Additionally again!!!

Here is a list of Nine bands that I have found on bandcamp that I think are worth attention. They might not be what you are looking for musically, but I my opinon they are not crappy meme worthy artists. These artist take time and craft interesting one of kind original music.

Until Next Time:
Ryan of Eshniner


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