DONKEY TOWN # 2, From Jan, 2002

This here is a the second & last comic I worked on under the title of Donkey Town. Unfortunately it is unfinished. Above is the cover design. It has the main villain in the bush there. He operated the cannon on top of tower 42 in the story. Just look how mean he looks!
Here is the first cover design I worked on. Everything that happens in the story happens within this picture. I basically made a map & built a story around a map & the characters that live in each house / building.

This is another placement shot / drawing, so you can get an idea of where this story is taking place. Pretty important ah?
From here onward until the next 2 pictures is all the real drawings, I did for the entire story. I just never got around to finishing this comic.

Here is some character design drawings for DT#2.
This here is the water fountain, a bird lands on & sets off a bomb.
This here is a character that drives / runs the Snail Shell Time Machine. He never got a name, but I remember calling him... Half Man Mostly Turtle.
From here until the end of this blog entry is all the story that I could find. I know I made the entire story in sketch form, but again this is all I could find. Please Enjoy!


ryan said…
i like these. that last drawing is rad!
Holy smoke!!

These pages are incredible! !!

You should really contribute something to Rice on the Other:

I just met up with Joel and he said he's looking for comics for the next issue: the deadline is Sept 14th! :)

You could probably even submit a couple of these old pages if you wanted to!
Oh I particularly love the Snail Shell Time Machine and the last drawing there and the drawing of them looking into the cave and the Kaboom! is amazing!!!

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