Ward Thang Adventure # 4, The Lost Comic

This image here is the Cover to the comic Warde Thang Adventure # 4. As you can see their are a lot of faces. I wanted the story to have almost no words & a character change almost every frame. The plot was going to based around unknown reasoning or logic & just be pure art. The comic was to basically be a collection of odd characters that don't really know each other that float along & make brief contact & so on, frame by frame. Also I wanted the reader to make up their own story. The reason I wanted to do such a comic was because I like the idea of nontraditional thinking & processes.
Here is a one lay out I did for Warde Thang Adventrue # 4.
Here is a Lay out with some character designs for WTA4.
One of the story aspects that I was playing with was... I wanted the Sargent to turn into a real man in one of the story flows. Above the Sargent is slowly becoming a man.
More character design. A rabbit & a reptile automobile.
This collection of images, shows the Sargent after he has turned into a man. He is going to work in this part of the story.
Here is a sketch of the dragon that was on the right hand corner of the cover of W.T.A. # 4.


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