Lost Warde Thang # 3 Drawings!!

What I drew above is some art... showing the Sargent's Ship... traveling among a living cloud. I don't remember how I was going to use it. It looks like it was mostly Yellow Submarine inspired.
This is a post card I made just before I really started to focus on W.T. # 3. Notice the Sargent's ship is still not defined yet.
Here is a lost frame on how the Sargent got his new Space Ship.
Here is another way the Sargent Lost his first Space Ship.
The space ship at the top of this drawing was used for the cover of W.T.A. # 3. This is the original drawing it came from... I just made a copy and cut and pasted it on to a transparent paper onto the other drawings combined to make the cover. Also this is the final version of the Sargent's, Space Ship.
Here are some early drawings of the Sargent and the Space ship.
This is an early version of one of the story plots I was randomly using. Notice how Mleep looks a lot more broke down & simple. Mleep was originally going to be some how conjoined with Buzzy / the Sargent's Co-Pilot. Well any way to show their relation, I made Bleep & Buzzy have / had similar bodies, but that all changed over time.
Here is something I found, I'm not sure how I was going to use this, but I do remember it being from Warde Thang # 3! Also if you would like to, you can see and read the entire story book of Ward Thang Adventure # 3, here at the following link! W.T.#3


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