Carl Sagan - Pale Blue Dot

In most recent times I have been watching a great deal of Carl Sagan’s… COSMOS! The more I watch his show & learn about this man, I am astounded by his efforts to share with the earth people, a very powerful message that, that will not only carry on threw our life time, but his prime directive & message will persist for many generations to come. Threw all of his lecturing & knowledge of earthly & non-earthly facts & history, at time’s you can hear in his voice discerning eye & a sense that the people of earth could be doing things a lot better for themselves, if we would just realize that we live on a pale blue dot, known as earth & that this pale blue dot resides in within a vastly enormous & highly immeasurable in size vacuum, known as the Universe. And of all the thoughts & history that has happen on earth, what we actually know about the universe is such a small fraction of experience, compared to the rest of the Universe. This universe has been living & expanding far longer then our known history on this planet. This expansion & growth in a sense has been going on far longer then any one on earth can remember & I’d like to add that this expansion and growth of the Universe has been going on as nature does, with out remorse or vindictive behavior. The Universe in my mind is a symbol & a strong example of how the people of earth should behave towards each other. This example we someday in my opinion be the propaganda of our livelihood’s.


Monsoon_Moon said…
do you have those on DVD? I'd be interested in borrowing if possible. Also, Annimal Collective is playing at the Variety Playhouse at the end of the month, want to go?

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