Eshniner Forest - Super Barbarian Time Travel 2 - is now on I-Tunes!

The whole album took a long while to get around to recording. Most all these songs, except for a few of them, were pretty much the first songs I ever wrote, over a period of 6 years or so. The reason its called Super Barbarian Time Travel 2, is because I had made another album, with a similar listing of song titles, called "Barbarian Time Travel". This first album was recorded on a home 4 track tape recorder & the songs just didn't have the life I really wanted them to have. So over a period of a few years, I finally got around to being able to make better recordings & so you have it!

I made this album from my bare hands & my own creative ingenuity. I just want to communicate a creativity, that will hopefully evoke others to make their own music & art.

Thank You: Ryan W. Bousquet.

Buy "Eshniner Forest's", First, collection of 20 songs! On I-Tunes!

Super Barbarian Time Travel 2 - Click Link Below.


ryan said…
this is rad, it has such awesome colors!

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