Eshniner Forest - "Electro Kendo Spirit Tour"!!!

Dear: Friends.

The Next Show will be in America, most likely to be in the general area of the United States of America, other wise know as & abbreviated as the U.S.A. Now of all the vast areas in the United States, the shows will be set up along the east coast of North America & as far over & as north as the state of Ohio.

Now of most recent times, Ryan is working on getting a list of places to perform, just under the number ten. It will be a short tour & maybe a little boring, but anyway if you are living within the immense vicinity the east coast of North America & would like really enjoy an unknown American artist to perform almost unknown songs, not at your house, but at a local venue or cafe. Please contact Ryan at.... .

Below this text is an general drawing / map of all the general places the tour would be most likely to visit. The light red arrows are for the most part the area, we are vaguely are wanting to visit.

Recommended Ambiguous Tour Dates:

Between: November 20th & November 29th of the year 2007.

Again Please Contact Ryan at the e-mail address above if you are interested.

Thank You: Eshniner Forest / Ryan.


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