2012: The Year The Internet Ends

I have been watching these guys for a while now on Youtube. They have an interesting story & are from Belgium. This video says it all. The modern Internet as of today is all going to change in the coming years. Site's like my own that just want to communicate my simple art projects, will not get be seen or shared unless you pay a higher price for your Internet provider. You can already see these sort of changes happening on the present day internet. Things are just moving in a more Corporate Controlled direction over all & its pretty disapointing.

Further more these guys are cool & a powerful force on Youtube. They have a gigantic following as well a lot of haters as well that goes with the territory. Athenewins is his channel & you might think it looks like a porn site, but its all a cover up to get your attention. So check it out!!


Dave said…
Very fascinating stuff, Ryan.. and mortifying.. Thank you for sharing!

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