I would like to Draw... More, More & More!!

Air conditioning is quite a luxury isn’t it? I would say so… yes, but here in the house I live we don’t really use air conditioning. We just seem to put up with the 90 degree temperature’s & yes its hot but it cools down at night & over all I’m not really bothered with it. It might be hot & it can be sticky & sweaty & quite gross, but again I am not really bothered by those things. I get on fine really in all this heat & everything gets done around here. Its just fucking hot…& its really no matter at all & as I said before, I am quite fine with it & to tell you the truth I do look forward to coming home everyday from work & sit and sleep in all this fucking heat. :)


In other news I have been quite happy in the way my life’s been going recently. I don’t really have any thing to worry about for the most part other then bills & bills are shit any way, so I all I care about really is making art & putting on the internet, in one form or another. I have been really wanting to get back into drawing a lot more. I use to draw constantly as a child and to compare those drawings to my drawings of today are quite meek in comparison. Even my drawings just after high school were quite out of this world. Sure yes I post drawing up on this blog & they are good, but they are just not at the level I would like to see them. So what I am getting at is.. I need more practice!!! I want to dedicate afternoons to just drawing & nothing more so I can just grow as an artist.

I don’t really know why I shied away from drawing for so long, but I remember coming to a time just after I got out of college & for some reason the idea of going after a career in animation was just seemed useless at the time. Oh yes I remember now… I wanted to do traditional animation, like how the cartoons of the 1920 and 1930s & at the college I went to all that was offered at the time was 3-D animation. The 3-D animation classes were all fine & I did well in the classes, but it was not what I wanted to do at heart. So after I graduated & went off to work for a life sucking corporate hunk of junk, that I would never recommend any one to associate with.

So if your thinking I'm disappointed with the direction I went... your wrong. I did the right thing for me at the time & I am proud I went in a corporate direction & for the last 10 years, I have made a great deal of good things happen & as for right now I will stop typing about this subject and save the results for a future post.

Ok... so yes I want to start drawing more often & I will be post that development here in good time as well as I want to start posting more blocks of text for folks to read, much like this text that I am just now wrapping up.

Additionally I would like to add a link to a block of text that Albert Einstein wrote.

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