Internet Persona.

I hate it when you loose a friend to pitiful little things. It just seems so boring on the grand scale of things... I guess you just can't win them all.

I am very likable in person well at least I think so... I guess I can understand how my internet persona can be a pain when you read something like "Seven of Butt" or "moo years day" on twitter, however its not all that thin of subject matter on the other side of the mobile device. What else is there really to tell a bunch of people you don't want to get to know... other then complete bull shit & hopefully its at least funny bull shit. 

I guess I just wish things were different. I guess things were not as internet cool as I thought... as I said... you can't win them all. However the internet is super cool & you can't let these little interactions get you down. 

I love Star Trek B-) !!! 


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