Eshniner Forest's Top 10 Movie's!

Here is a list of my top ten movie's of my life. I am not really one to watch a lot of movie's & as you can see my favorite films are not even in the last 2 decade's. I do like a few things that came out such as the 2005 Hitch Hikers Guide film & I do like the Iron Man films... but they don't blow my mind. The stuff I really love is the Monty Python Films & the Back to the Future films. Those to me really captured my imagination as a kid & teenager. I am also a huge Mel Brooks fan, but sadly I could not fit any of his films in a frame of just ten. So here it is... my top ten films.

1: Back to the Future - 1985
2: Star War's The Empire Strikes Back - 1980
3: The Great Dictator - 1940
4: Modern Time's - 1936
5: Back to the Future 2 - 1989
6: Ghost Buster's - 1984
7: The Planet of the Ape's - 1968
8: Pee Wee's Big Adventure - 1985
9: Monty Pythons & The Holy Grail - 1975
10: The Jerk - 1979

-Eshniner Forest.


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