Athens Georgia Photos from Early 2000's.


Travis and Ryan outside the Ultramod Compount before a show.

Photos from the Apartment I lived in.

Doctor Casino

Green Bean Go at the Ultramod Compound.

Room mates for the most part.

Me in my bedroom at the time.
I am wearing a Donkey Hat I made... I use to perform as a Donkey because I use to play a song called Donkey and Plow.

Me and Emma the dog and Me and Travis, both were taken in Ila, Georgia.

Bellhouse playing at the Caladonia Lounge. It was Kimberly's birthday show, she made her self a birthday dress.
The one and only time I performed Buffalo Run.
Halloween in my Donkey costume.
Back seat of some car, Me, Javier, Missy and Travis.

Either Bellhouse or The Orchid Pool playing a backyard show in Ila, Georgia.

Kimberly was a middle school teacher and needed a little backing band. Javier on drums, Tony on guitar, me on Bass.

We all went on a road trip so an amusement park in North Carolina.
Crammed in the back seat again.
Show Flier for Green Bean Go! - Kabuki Track Stars and Omar Mathatron.
Doctor Casino at some house show.
I am not sure who or where this picture was taken.

Extreme Animals. That the back of my head in the top photo. It was a very loud show.
Some random party. That's me looking at the fire extinguisher.


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