Green Bean Go! - April 13, 2002. Apartment Show - Athens Georgia.

I don't remember much from this show and I am not sure why we switched around so much on instruments. There was always a lot of talking between songs from what I do remember, mainly because music practice always happened maybe an hour or two prior the show.

In this photo I know were trying to play, Eye of the Tiger. I remember we practiced figuring out the song, by listening to the recording upstairs for maybe 15 mins. Javier is on the drums in this photo, he is a multi-instrumentalist and just recently made an appearance on the Late Show playing sax with Deerhunter.

Matt the guy on the left wrote a lot of songs in Green Bean Go & I was rarely involved. Julie would sing the lyrics. Travis the guy on drums would also write songs. This was most likely one of maybe two times I played with Green Bean Go.

These photos were taken by Addison Godel.


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