Only 4 Albums on my Bandcamp now / Less Confusing.

I had to remove about 30 albums and singles from my bandcamp page due to the amount of plays I was getting of songs I wrote and recorded over 10 years ago. I did this because I would rather have people hear my newer songs. Currently their are 4 albums up on my bandcamp. I know bandcamp is not preferred by music listeners but it is a good place for an artist to track and listen to their own work if need be. I have taken a screen shot of the one weeks worth of listen data. Magma is the only song with a full listen and is one of the first songs I recorded and its is of horrible quality. I personally have not listened to this song in maybe 3 years.

I should have stream lined my bandcamp a lot time ago. I know I have about 4 real fans out there, so maybe it was one of my fans, however now they have no other option but to hear my most recent recordings.

Thank you for reading this useless rant:
Ryan of The Spook Moon.


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