Eddies Elbow Mind.

Eddie was a little elbow that dreamed of traveling the world. Most folks thought he was lonely but in reality he was friends a band of old rats. These rats use to help Eddie elbow communicate with other rats elbows. The rats just kind of acted as if they were in total control by the elbows but that was not matter of fact. In fact the facts went something like this.

Every Sunday Eddie elbow got his elbow all worked up just knowing that all the he was going to be picked up by the old rats at 11 past midnight of the clock talking tics. Now with the help of an 1965 television sitting on a rope in the woods. The rats begin to crank that rope with a twist of smelling salt. Yeah you think this is hopeless well this is where things get even thinner. The rats would force feed the elbow threw their rat bodies & when Eddie Elbow came out the other side…. He had grown a temporary brain!!


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