Sutsteve General Update.

Here is one of the funniest comment replies I have seen on sutsteve's most recent vlog. Above is the video the comment was made on. :)
sp1r1c0m you remind me of a caltech professor
suttsteve I know. You said that already.


Alex said…
Hi Eshniner.
I really like "The moon & earth" and "you know my name".But your "Beware the darkness" version is my favorite!Great song.You play very well man!
em k. said…
HUH HAH HUH HAAAAAAAH. HUHha. that is me laughing dear funny funny person, friend of Brett' name's em! here am I

I am bookmarking you, YAY!

i hope i pass this word verification blogger's having me do now to post this comment. These things always stress me out. you know? the captchka thingy? yes? relation?

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