My first year of Blogger & Youtube!

About a year ago from now I started this blogger blog as well as my Youtube account & to tell you the truth Its been a rather dull adventure.. overall. Well any way here are some of the "highlights" of my entire year. (Above) Is my first Youtube video of a song I wrote & recorded called " I'm in a Mountain".

This video above is a cover of a Beatles song that no one has ever heard nor have I heard myself, called " Carnival of Light". This is one of my more popular Youtube videos for some reason, I would perfer one of my other videos to be enjoyed more so then this one, but thats one thing about Youtube you cant really read the direction of things to come, you just have to go along on with what ever direction Youtube takes you.

Ok... the video above is the most popular original song that I have composed. It does not have that many views but I know people will like it. :) It is one of my songs that I have put a lot of my creative energy into & am looking forward to hearing peoples reactions to this recording.

Ok, I see you later - Ryan :o)


em k. said…
yo puppet in video one (top) ROCKIN! slow motion greatness... AND ALSO....hey Ryan come play at Java Lords tonight at 9-11 I'm hostingish an art doodlextravaganza. Bring yo' markers and yo' guitars! Your pens and your palindrums. just kidding. I was just trying to be clever and silly. But really, bring your markers and guitars! your bongo drums and dreams! come doodle. Javalords 9 pm. TONIGHT! 1105 Euclid ave lil 5 points
YAY! long post!

((CRAP another captchka test..word verification at it's WORST i tell ya! I failed the last one 3 times. I'm not even joking))
Nice, and I really like the last one, but I'm not sure why. I also wonder, as an ex-Sam Ash employee, why you bought that Sure mic, if not for it's appearance.

Here's to a year wandering around in Eshniner Forest! To Ryan!


- trevor.
Eshniner Forest said…
Trevor - I bought that mike to record the bass drum. Its just a mic, no more no less. Microphones are like differnt shades of colors, you can get differnt sounds out of them. It does look nice, it looks better then the other mic's I have. The other mic's dont stand out. I film in low light, so the shure works well cause of its shine. I know people do buy it, & dont really use it, just because its old fashioned. I'm not one of those folk. :P

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