Gimme Some Truth, The Making Of John Lennon's Imagine.

I watched this last night and found the whole thing rather interesting. To see anything that shows the creative process of John Lennon is interesting. I would have rather watched a literal making of Johns first solo album, but I don't think that is out there. It seems to me like Phil Spectors presents is almost useless. At one point Phil is messing around and trying to add echo to one of the songs and it is hard to tell what he says, but you can tell the "wall of sound" thing isn't working out. Also there is one point where Phil and John are going to add harmonies to "Oh Yoko" and Phil is holding back from singing, when they are trying to sing. I am not sure if Phil is actually on the album singing, but at the same time they where having trouble with finding the correct point in the song to do the harmonies due to the engineer not being able to find the point John wanted to sing harmonies on. Additionally at one point John says to Phil after recording a song "You really are great Phil... one of the Greats" in a very sarcastic manner and Yoko is just sitting beside John laughing and you hear a few other laughs, but it is not the kind of good buddy laugh. It is a making fun of kind of laugh, so I don't think Phil was very useful. He also seemed withdrawn from everyone and when he did speak it was very soft spoken and had the most minimal input. Maybe he was shy around the camera, it is hard to tell what really happened because you can only see so much, but these are my impressions from the film. You should watch it and tell me what you think!

Eshniner F.


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