Musical Update!

I have been recording quite a bit lately... well not a lot but I have enough now to actually talk about. I am working on two albums, one being a short album with about 5 or so songs under the name Dragoon Babi Kluster. The idea is that I'm pretend to be a foreign punk band with indiscernible accents. So far there are only 2 songs and both have different accents. Musically it is reminiscent of Bikini Kill or The Germs with synthesizer's. None of the Lyrics go to deep... it is mostly just an expression and love of the punk / Do It Yourself genera.

The second album is Eshniner Forest's 10th album. I have about 4 or 5 songs completed & want it to have about 10 songs in total for the entire album. I only want it to be 10 songs, because ultimately I would like it to only cost about 10 dollars. My last album had 18 tracks & I want to sell it for close to 20 dollars. I know I don't really mention money to often but it would be nice, if some day people actually liked my music enough to pay for it. It would be nice & I am in no hurry, but as for now most all my music is for free on my Bandcamp site until that distant unknown day in the future.


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