Dragoon Babi & One Night at a Time.

Here are two songs I have recently recorded for two different albums.

Dragoon Babi is a Rock Jam sort of thing... I plan for it to be the final track of the Dragoon Babi Kluster Album. It will be a short album of about 5 songs.

One Night at a Time is a little pop rock single that I wrote and recorded in about 8 hours of time. This song will be on the 10th Eshniner Forest album. The next Eshniner album will be about 10 or 12 songs long. I don't want it to be as long as Temples and Pyramids, because I want to make an album that is worth 10 to 12 dollars.

I ultimately would like to be paid for my music... but for now most all my music is free on my Eshniner Forest Bandcamp Page.

Ryan of Eshniner


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