Friday, December 19, 2014

Super Barbarian Time Travel 2 ( Purchasing Opportunities )

Here is a list of all the site as well as links to sites where you can buy and download the album Super Barbarian Time Travel 2. Additionally, Someone by the name is Raging Bull 7 wrote a little review of the album... it is a very passionate review.


Incredible...!! FIVE STARS
by Raging Bull 7
This is perhaps one of the most inspiring works of music I have ever heard in my entire life!! Track #6, Donkey & Plow, is perhaps the greatest track on the album. I empathize particularly with the lyrics of this song; "I feel like a donkey pulling a wagon..." Track #10, Buffalo Run, is also brilliantly done. I'd never heard of Eishniner Forest before but now its become one of my favorite bands ...after the Beatles of course. I do hope i-Tunes gets hold of any future albums by Eishniner Forest!

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