Dream #3 of 2013.

I just now remember this & yes its a boring dream but I am logging all my dreams this year so here it is...

I have a friend that lives & works in japan. So this dream takes place in japan.

I was with someone not sure who other then he was a male. We were somehow in japan visiting my friend.  We knock on an apartment door & my friends wife opens the door & invites us in. As soon as we step inside our friend is playing with his son while he sits on a couch...

This is where the dream stops & I wake up. It was so boring of a dream that I woke up & literally thought "why?!? what kind of crap is that?"

Why did I have this dream? I can't say... maybe my actual life is so exciting I need to be reminded life isn't the awesome full throttle roller coaster that I live on a daily basis.

The image below is of a boring empty hospital waiting room... & just as boring as this dream. :-P


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